What More Could I Ask For…?

All My Stars Aligned

 It’s been an exciting week for me, thanks to the arrival of music from two of my all-time favourite artists. To start with, there was the release of Welcome to England, the first video/single from the soon to be released Abnormally Attracted To Sin, by Tori Amos. Watching that video for the first time, I have no fear or shame in admitting that I got a little teary-eyed. Tori is an artist whose work resonates with me on such a deep level that every time I hear something new, it’s a gift. The album is slated for release May 19 – I’m not entirely sure if that’s world-wide, but I certainly hope so! The deluxe version of the album features a DVD that contains a series of “visualettes”, companion pieces to each song. I hope the two will be released simultaneously, I’m not too keen on the idea of waiting that extra time to hear the full album…

This will tide me over in the mean time, though.

Second event this week was the arrival of my copy of Salival, by Tool. I missed out on this the first time around, but for the past six months I have been actively searching for a good copy (CD/DVD version), at a price I would pay, and at a time I was able to pay it.  All things considered, six months is not too long a wait for all those things to happen at once, and even at twice the time, it would still have been more the worth the wait. I made a point of not listening to any of the songs before I had a physical copy, so everything on the disc was something new to me. In a word, it’s phenomenal. Live versions of Third Eye and Pushit are testament to the band having no equal when it comes to the intracacies of the songs they write, yet still remaining organic – open to re-interpretation; whereas covers of Led Zeppelin’s No Quarter and Peach’s You Lied are made entirely their own. It’s a shame this was such a limited release, as it’s definitely a must-have for any Tool fan.

For those who don’ have it, and don’t mind knowing what they’re missing out on, here is the brilliant cover of No Quarter.




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