Spider On My Window

Between the flyscreen and the glass

Between the flyscreen and the glass


It’s been there for a while now. It moves from time to time – or rather, it is in different spots from one glance to another, so I suspect that it moves. I’m not quite sure what it’s waiting for, or how it managed to find itself stuck between the flyscreen and the window. (Also, I’m not the greatest photographer – I just wanted to get a record of some kind, no intention other to show what it looks like…)

I face this window every time I sit down at the computer, so now I’ve developed a habit of glancing up at it often, taking note of its position… And I think that if I were to look up and not see it there, it would strangely feel like something is missing. Not that I have a particular fondness for spiders, and in all reality my fascination with it is going to be fleeting, but this spider – in it’s position on my lounge room window – has been privy to a fair few otherwise private moments. I think that means I like it there.

I wrote to a friend of mine and said “if I let it out, that means I have to let it in – we’re not getting to know each other that well and it’s just a little too big for that kind of odd situation“. It’s not exactly pretty, either. Then again, nor am I, so maybe we’re a good match. Maybe in the grand scheme of things I’m stuck between the flyscreen and the glass, and we both stand a good chance of being released…eventually.



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My thoughts are fish, all swimming about and prone to scattering swiftly. Some of them are pretty but not all of them are gold. Some have teeth; some travel in gangs and with a single school of thought; some are haphazard loners, darting about the place randomly and to no obvious purpose. But they're all slippery little suckers. Sometimes, I get lucky and find myself with a good grasp on one, long enough to remember what it looks like before releasing it back into the wild. View all posts by Satellite for Entropy

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