I Want The Life of A CD

I’m listening to Godspeed You! Black Emperor. It perhaps might be shameful to admit that I have no real clue of the song title – I mean, I have the album (Lift Yr Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven) and the track main title is Antennas To Heaven, but then there’s the sub-tracks/titles…

Meh, it’s hardly the point, or all that interesting delving into the things I don’t know. I’ve moved just a smidge past the point where the unknown, the uncertainty of not knowing what I want to know, is going to fray my edges (and here I’m not talking about song titles…) What I do know, the thing I keep thinking about, is that contary to previous stipulation, I’m really quite foolish. I said I’m not stupid and I believed it at the time, but I keep doing and saying things that proves otherwise and that… That really is fraying the edges.

I think that maybe I just want too many things, and I forget a lot of the time that there are reasons – good ones – that I should stop wanting these things, that I should just stop. Which could be a defeatist attitude. Maybe it’s just realistic. I don’t know.

The worst thing is, I don’t even care anymore that I don’t know. 

Listening to Rats by The Black Heart Procession. It’s the first track from the forthcoming album Six (due for release early October if my sources are correct, and currently pre-order sales are being taken by new record label Temprary Residence ).  I’ve just ordered a copy of their first album (1), which will complete my BHP discology until Six is officially released and I get a copy of that, too. Not bad all things considered – every album except The Spell had to be sourced from overseas so I’m quite pleased with how little time – and money – it’s actually taken to do so. Now I just have to work on Scout Niblett and Shearwater. And… well, lots more. Eh, wanting things – at least CD’s … well, they just come and they sing.  🙂

Hey now, that would be a nice life… if all you had to do was come and sing.



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My thoughts are fish, all swimming about and prone to scattering swiftly. Some of them are pretty but not all of them are gold. Some have teeth; some travel in gangs and with a single school of thought; some are haphazard loners, darting about the place randomly and to no obvious purpose. But they're all slippery little suckers. Sometimes, I get lucky and find myself with a good grasp on one, long enough to remember what it looks like before releasing it back into the wild. View all posts by Satellite for Entropy

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