It Was All About the Majesty…

Oh, and birds. Possibly even music…and a band named Shearwater

The album cover for Winged Life - quite pleased I received this version as Im a little less fond of the blue cover (shown below)

Well… After a couple of months of waiting my copy of Winged Life by Shearwater finally arrived today. (It was, in fact, the second copy that I had to buy, and actually arrived quite quickly, but I waited five weeks for the first one. Thankfully my money for the original purchase was refunded, and due to a stronger Aussie dollar the second purchase worked out to be significantly cheaper – which was nice).

Anyway, the point… if I have one… I guess I should mention that I came at Shearwater a little backwards. I bought Rook first, though I had been predominantly listening to tracks from Palo Santo, purely because it was the only album of theirs available in Australia. Rook pretty much made me go ok, now I have to get every other song this band has recorded… Which is pretty much what I do whenever I listen to something that is immediately affecting (it can take me a while – my post about Pillars and Tongues was several months ago, and I only just last week received my copy of the album Protection… but I do always get there in the end XD). Plus there’s the thing I have for birds and music with bird themes…so I guess Shearwater get double – perhaps even triple – bonus points for that; so says a ninja-owl, anyways. 😉

But back to the point. Which I can’t remember. Right, so I bought the expanded edition of Palo Santo after that, then the original version. I’m actually really glad I bought the expanded edition first, it’s quite easy to hear why they wanted to re-record the songs. Not that the original version is terrible to listen to by comparison, but the expanded edition takes what was a good album and clearly re-defines it, making it a great album.

So, on to Winged Life… I’m towards the end of my second listen, which means I’m still getting to know the album – but, wow. Really. For the most part it’s considerably more delicate than Rook, musically if not lyrically, and that’s pretty much what I love about it. Shearwater have a style and sound which I have always descibed as majestic, and sometimes majesty is beautifully gentle yet no less powerful. (That there would be the point, I guess…)

Yay for me and my ears. 😀



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