Invisible Elephant – The Lights Go Out Limited Edition CD

Anyone out there that has visited this blog more than once may have read a recent post where I mentioned a great album available via Bandcamp – The Lights Go Out by Invisible Elephant; a solo project out of the UK doing awesome things with “guitars n’ stuff” (my full and proper review is available to read on

I am now beyond thrilled to be able to announce that this project will be getting a physical release via Sonic Reverie Records. The artwork for a limited edition CD is currently being produced, with the CD to be available as early as next week and will include a few bonus tracks previously unavailable.

This is great news indeed, and an even better opportunity to show your support for unique and independant artists producing quality music (not to mention getting your hands on those exclusive tracks – having had the honour of hearing a couple of them, I can assure you they’re worth getting hold of).

If you have not already done so, I urge you to check out this album post haste. Full details on the where’s and when’s of the release will be posted as soon as I know them, so you can be first in line to snap up one of the CDs (after me, of course ;)).

Invisible Elephant on Bandcamp.

On MySpace


Sonic Reverie Records website

On Blogspot

On Bandcamp




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