I Love it When….

….artists release great follow-ups to their debut albums.

Fever by Sleepy Sun

There might be a number of bands out there offering top-notch psych-rock, but none seem able to pull off the combination of hazy, mellow and bluesy while still managing to be bright to the point of dazzling quite as well as Sleepy Sun (which may just well be the most apt name ever). I’m a big fan of last year’s Embrace, and in fact the only complaint I had about it was that it was just too darn short! Leave them wanting more might be good advice because I was looking forward to their next release from the get-go and was a little more than stoked when I first heard about a new album being released this year. (Not quite so stoked when I found out the first single, Open Eyes, was being released via download only. First, I refuse to use iTunes – I hate it and won’t compromise on that even for the most special of artists, second, the very few other avenues there were to purchase the single I can not access. Lame, because I miss out on the extra content. Slight repreive by the fact that Stereogum hosted the single, and made it available as a free download. Which was nice).

Fever really is a perfect follow-up. While undeniably continuing the simply gorgeous and addictive sound from the first album, nothing here feels like footnotes of Embrace, even when taking into consideration that Fever’s last track – Sandstorm Woman – appeared as a B-side to one of Embrace’s singles (Sleepy Son). I’m actually more than happy about it making the cut for the album, because it’s a stellar track that deserves some special attention. The duetting vocals of Rigamaroo are also superbly done, and Wild Machines epitomises everything I love about Sleepy Sun – straight-up psych-rock jams perfectly balanced with dozy melodies.

Only one thing…the album is, once again, too blardy short!

Buy it now in various formats via ATP Recordings.



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