Cavalier Rose

Along with a few other recent updates, I thought it was about time I made a more consistent effort to post recommendations. So I’ve implemented a new music category to suit the purpose – I’ve certainly no shortage of artists I think the world should know about already.

First cab off the ranks is a band I’ve been meaning to mention for a while –

Cavalier Rose

I first heard these guys back in January, after Daytrotter posted this session, which was some pretty damn good, straight up blues rock. Somewhat similar to bands like The Dead Weather, but whereas – to me – TDW, (and despite some of their subject matter) feel a little to cleanly produced and bland, Cavalier Rose have got the edge with a slightly dirtier, pub rock undertone; which sounds authentic even with the recorded demos and Primary Colours EP. Great voice, great sound – quality stuff more than worth the effort to click a few links to check out. 😉

As well as the Daytrotter session, all their music is currently available to download for free via the band’s website (note, however, the Donate button – show your support for independent artists and send some bucks so they can keep making awesome music).



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