Dopedrone – Contact Book

Released last year via net label ParaLucid, Contact Book is an experimental concept album that popped up on my radar a couple of months ago and caught my interest due to the “shoegaze, stoner rock, 70’s progressive rock and psychedelia” influences mentioned in the bio.

I’ve not yet taken the opportunity to hear any of the artist’s (M. Anderson, also of Norwegian post-rock/shoegaze band Yeti Island) earlier work, but Contact Book certainly contains elements of those influences, if but subtly. Primarily ambient instrumental, with some vocal sampling, the album is centred around alien themes. Maintaining that other-worldly focus throughout the album has resulted in a consistently spacey sensory experience well worth investigating.

The title track to Contact Book is a drawn out electro-industrial fusion with a bit of drone and definitely a highlight. Other faves include opening track Sun Flare, Old Galaxy and  Memory Loss, which manages to be soothing and ominous at the same time.

2 minute teaser for Contact Book

Highly recommended if the sound of a slowcore NIN having a slightly freaked-out and sometimes beautiful psychedelic alien baby with Massive Attack sounds like your cup of tea – it’s a pretty tasty cup. 😉

You can download Contact Book for free here.



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