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Lefse Records, home to such artists as Neon Indian, A Grave With No Name, Low Sea, How To Dress Well, Woodsman and more, recently put together a seamless mix currently available for free download exclusively through Inverted Audio,  featuring tracks by artists currently making the play rotation over at Lefse.

Of particular worthy note is that the mix features recent S4E fave Invisible Elephant. (You can find the full tracklist below). Here is the (abridged) quote, which is featured in full over at Inverted Audio , as is an interview with Matt from Lefse Records:

This mix is simply a bunch of tracks Lefse Records is loving right now. The mix starts off with an inspirational Phillip Glass track. Glass is amazing to listen to really loud when you really need to hunker down and finish a tough project. Woodsman are a Lefse artist. They turned this new track which is one of my favourites by them.

Invisible Elephant is an overlooked UK band*, who will no doubt start gaining some steam. Their EP “The Lights Go Out” is truly amazing. Reuben Wilson’s “Were in Love” is an oldie but goodie.

Emily Neveu is the front lady of Calico Horse, who is starting to branch out a bit, and this track is remixed by Waaga’s White Mountains. Shape of Broad Minds is a much slept on Hip Hop group. This track features MF Doom.

Spirituals is a Waaga artist, and this song doesn’t appear on his upcoming record. ‘A Lull’ are a great Chicago band. Lefse put out a Tape Deck Mountain last year, and this is one of the tracks remixed by Arms and Sleepers.

*I do feel it necessary to point out here that Invisible Elephant is in fact a solo project. 😉

Here’s the full tracklist:

1. Phillip Glass: Etolie Polaire (from Analog)
2. Woodsman: I Can’t Move
3. Invisible Elephant: Wind Up Bird
4. Reuben Wilson: We’re in Love
5. Emily Neveu: The Sun (White Mountains remix)
6. Shape of Broad Minds: Lets go (Spaceboogie)
7. Geotic: Time Melts Like Snow Off the Porch
8. Ganglians: My House (demo)
9. Cass Mccombs: Not the Way
10. Safe: Twenty Years On
11. Spirituals: You Would’ve faked It
12. A Lull: Weapons for War
13. Tape Deck Mountain: 80/20 (Arms and Sleepers remix)
14. Burning Spear: One Africa
15. The Coctails: Peel

15 great reasons to click a link and grab some freebies!



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