On My List…

Everyone loves a good listing. Or that’s what I assume. So here’s one of mine.

Since we’re now halfway through the year, I thought I’d take a quick look at the 2010 albums that have been wearing out my nifty new speakers the most. Normally, I’d embrace my stat/data geekdom and compile  comparitive pie charts showing number of tracks, average daily playcount etc. etc. and work out which is truly number one, but I’m currently paralyzed with laziness and not taking this all that seriously.  As a matter of interest, though, the following is based on total play count alone, so you’ll have to allow a bit of bias both towards albums with more tracks and ones that have been out longer.

Names are linked to where you can buy stuff, or find out more info; album titles are linked to a review if I did one, somewhere…

  1. Sleepy SunFever
  2. Scout NiblettThe Calcination of Scout Niblett
  3. Invisible ElephantThe Lights Go Out
  4. Planning For BurialLeaving
  5. DeftonesDiamond Eyes
  6. Shearwater – The Golden Archipelago
  7. Pillars and Tongues – Lay of Pilgrim Park
  8. PhosphorescentHere’s to Taking It Easy
  9. Red Sparowes – The Fear is Excruciating, But Therein Lies the Answer
  10. Angus & Julia Stone – Down The Way

Honourable mentions go to Basia Bulat – Heart of My Own and Ernest EllisHunting, missing out by just a play or two (which is saying something for the latter considering it’s only been out for two weeks). Plus an extra special mention for Her Name is Calla‘s forthcoming album The Quiet Lamb, which I had the opportunity to listen to and review earlier in the year. Had I also the opportunity to have a copy already, I suspect it would be very near that number one position, if not claiming it.

Speaking of forthcoming albums, giddy-up to the second half of 2010 so I can get my hands on Black Mountain‘s Wilderness Heart and Android Lust‘s The Human Animal. Will also be keeping a keen eye out for the official release of last year’s Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse collaboration Dark Night of the Soul – a truly great album. A couple of versions are currently available on pre-order, including a particularly nice (but currently out of my price range) deluxe box set, but it appears worldwide distro will happen in July.



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