The Liar Script – Days Like Minutes, Minutes Like Years

I’ve mentioned elsewhere recently that lately I seem to be having a bit of a bout of old skoolism. More specifically, I’ve been digging up a bunch of old albums and rediscovering all those great songs I remember from the 80’s and 90’s. Which might be a little obvious to anyone who recognises at least a few of those album covers over on the left.

These things are generally cyclical, I presume, and has less to do with a disenchantment with current music and more that sometimes you just suddenly remember how great all that stuff was and need to hear it again. I mustn’t be the only one, considering the recent shoegaze revival.

If, like me, you always leant more towards the gothic, post-punk and/or new wave side of things, then chances are that – also like me – you’ll dig what San Francisco’s four-piece post-punk outfit The Liar Script have been up to. Relatively new, at least on my radar, The Liar Script give an assured dark and broody nod to all the classic elements that made gothic post-punk bands like The Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division and Bauhaus, well, classic. Offering consistently solid tracks that are fresh-sounding with touches of the familiar, the current 6-track album-to-be Days Like Minutes, Minutes Like Years is a sure-fire cure for old-skoolism if you’re suffering from it, or a perfect addition to your library if your’e a post-punk fetishist still revelling in it.

Take a listen to one of my latest favourites, Ghosts.

The Liar Script and Days Like Minutes, Minutes Like Years, as well as a two-track EP titled Twisting the Way (which features a cover of The Sound‘s Winning) can be found on Bandcamp. Pay no mind to notions of  new or old  school music, just pay them a visit and check out some great music. 😉



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