I Know One Thing…

…and that’s my super-awesome little collage of albums in the sidebar showing what I’ve been listening to sure looks pretty, but it has a couple of drawbacks. If you don’t recognise the album covers, you’ll have no idea what I’ve been listening to (and I maintain – as indicated with an older post – that everyone wants to know what I’m listening to). Secondly, because it’s a widget generated from Last.fm data, if there isn’t any album art available there, it’s a no-show here. So here’s some stuff Last.fm seemingly don’t want you to know (or even know that you don’t know o.O).

Lois Magic

…is awesome. I’ve been digging this music a lot the last couple of months – one of those nifty inadvertant discoveries that hooks you straight away. Via a different rec (which I’ll get to in a minute ;)), I found myself on the Bandcamp page for Free Loving Anarchists and this release:

Comprised of four tracks by Sealings and three by Lois Magic. Currently the deal is for a CD, cassette and immediate download of the release, for the princely sum of US$7.00 (limited to 100 physical copies and the one I received is #77 so I’m guessing it’d be getting close to sold out by now – go get it if you can).

It’s definitely well worth getting your hands on – Metropole is already my most played track for the last three months, which means it’s nothing short of awesome because I haven’t had it that long.  Not going to go into too much detail with descriptors (really, awesome is enough ;)), but if you like your music  to be simple, charming and chaotic all at the same time, check it out. Incidentally, Lois Magic is set to release a new cassette via Skrot Up, which I’ll be reviewing soon over at [sic], so keep an eye out for it there.


…was the rec that had me finding myself there in the first place, and a song called My Boyfriend’s Dead, which isn’t on the release but seems to have generated a bit of internet buzz around the place. And rightly so. t’is a sweet track. The Last.fm bio for Sealings is one word – DEATHGAZE. I agree, it’s pretty much all you need to know, but on the off-chance it’s not enough, just click some links and your curiosity will surely be sated.

What links? The ones above and maybe also these links for a free MP3:

Lois Magic – Dead Quiet @No Pain In Pop

Sealings – My Boyfriend’s Dead @Pinglewood

So, now you know there’s no excuse for not knowing. But, you know, don’t just sit there all knowing, go listen to  make sure you know for sure. Or something.



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