I Sold My Soul For A Song

Quite literally. Just last night, in point of fact. Allow me to set the scene…

It’s the middle of winter here in good ‘ol Oz. I had spent most of the day engaged in what can only be described as dreary work in dreary weather. Photography is a wonderful art and playing dress-up can be awesome fun. Despite how kinky combining the two may sound, please believe me when I say that ironing clothing, dressing and undressing inanimate – though well-proportioned – objects, adjusting angles, fits, hangs, folds and so on, steadying the camera, perfecting the shot…  Over and over. Not so much fun.

So, at 1am I am sat at my computer, building the enthusiasm required to upload the day’s shots onto said computer to edit. Wind is doing the proverbial howl-thing outside, rattling my windows and knocking things over. At least, that’s what I presumed made that noise outside. I wondered if I should go and check…. At this point my life became like a stolen scene from a movie. Well, almost. Instead of going to check out the noise, tension building with each hesitant step as I inch closer to the source, only to have half the life scared out of me by some mangy cat leaping from a garbage can; then shrugging it off, sinking into a nice warm bath with a glass of wine, classical music up loud to soothe away the day, oblivious to the psycho slasher creeping closer down the hallway… No, my life isn’t even exciting enough for cliches. Also, I don’t have a bath tub. Or a long enough hallway.

Instead, lo-fi home-recorded black metal is fuzzing through my speakers, an ex’s mangy jumper is rolled up and shoved under the door in an effort to stop the cold wind rushing under, and I had a lukewarm coffee getting colder by the second that I forgot was lukewarm and took a sip from, splurted in disgust and subsequently bathed my slightly-less-mangy-than-ex’s jumper with it. Still, was quite happily procrastinating, surfing the net, checkin’ out…stuff. Then I decided to check up on the blogs I follow over at google.

And what should catch my eye?

Androist Lust.



From new album.

For a tweet.

I didn’t even think, I clicked the link and landed on the Twitter sign in page. Obstacle – I’m not a twitterer. It’s here that some of my senses return and gently remind me I’ve never once been vaguely interested in twitter, quite the opposite actually. Yet, Id and the persistent ‘gimme gimme gimme’ overrides sense and before I know it I’ve handed over all the required details. Here now, you have witnessed my demise as I can now be counted among the twittering massess. Damn, I’m so disappointingly cheap. (Or perhaps I should go for the obvious pun there and say ‘cheep’).

At least in exchange I now have God in the Hole.

A whole month early, even.


PS – At the time I grabbed it (several hours ago now) it said there were 24 downloads left, if you wanna check it out to see if it’s still available, visit here.

Oh… yeah… I would offer my world to be your oyster and all, but I doubt I’ll ever use it again. Unless I get another free song out of it.


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