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I Like Trains (formerly stylised iLiKETRAiNS) are getting set to release their new album via their own newly founded label ILR, as well as embarking on a tour. While most artists can (or will) say “we coudn’t have done it without the fans” at some point, this new project really does need fan support to make sure it happens.

Announced a couple of weeks ago now, the project neared 100% of its target within the first 12 hours over at Pledge Music – a site dedicated to getting projects like this up and running. Pledges for the I Like Trains project is now hovering just below 150% – a great response from dedicated fans.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t still get involved and make sure you reserve your copy of the new album, He Who Saw the Deep. As well as offering the standard fare, there are a number of exclusive options still up for grabs, such as playing Alistair at Scrabble, signed drum sticks, a guitar lesson with Dave, and – if you’ve got the £’s – an executive production credit on the album itself. Not to mention a super-sweet looking vinyl box set, which contains all their previous releases (including The Christmas Tree Ship – one of my favourites), the new album and a b-sides and rarities collection.

Unfortunately, my plight is much the same as many others; i.e. really want the vinyl box set, but I have to make do with a signed CD. Not that that’s anything to complain about. I seriously recommend those who can sign on for the vinyl, as it will surely be something to treasure.

Here’s what iLT have to say about their new album:

Our new album ‘He Who Saw the Deep’ is written, recorded and ready to see the light of day. It is a progression from what has gone before it. Whilst still very much an I LIKE TRAINS record, we have taken this chance to re invent. There is light and shade, hope and devastation, and we are taking a look at where we are heading instead of where we have been.”

If that’s not enough to convince, you can find out more info as well as listen to a couple of new tracks by clicking that big button at the top and heading over to the I Like Trains Pledge Music profile. Exclusive content is available to all pledgers. 😉



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