Some Bad News & Some Good News

Sadly, while the Pledge Music campaign has been more than successful, I Like Trains have withdrawn the vinyl box set planned to coincide with their upcoming album release, He Who Saw the Deep. The set was to contain all previous releases as well as the new album and a collection of b-sides and rarities. Very disappointing to see this had to go, but it just wasn’t generating enough support. Go make them (and yourself) feel better about things by pledging your support and staking your claim on one of the items still available. Fingers crossed the box set will come to fruition in the not too distant future.

Speaking of the capacity to make great music projects happen, Contraphonic have just started a campaign via Kickstarter in order to expand their Chicago Sound Series to New York, Pittsburgh, Atlanta and various other cities. If you want to know what it’s all about, Contraphonic explain it all quite succintly:

Since the launch of the Contraphonic Chicago Sound Series – our attempt to create a portrait of Chicago through the medium of sound – we here at ContraHQ have always harbored secret ambitions to aurally map out other cities as well. In our continuing effort to document how people interact with their surroundings sonically

Here’s hoping this project is fully realised, as you can see the target is a fair way off yet but I can’t think of a more unique and intriguing way to tour America without ever leaving home.



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