Amie Street – Music Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Go directly to Amazon. Do not pass Go. Do not collect your music....

A few of my previous posts have pointed people in the direction of the site  Amie Street to check out and/or download music. Unfortunately this is no longer an option, Amie Street is “moving” to Amazon, taking with it the option to buy the music they had on offer in MP3 format; at least not outside of the US, as the digital store on Amazon is limited to US customers only.

I’m greatly disappointed by this. While it’s true that I prefer my music to be on a physical format, via a quick listen and cheap download over at Amie Street, I was able to discover quite a number of artists I quite likely wouldn’t have, and have since gone on to buy several albums from the respestive artists directly. It also takes away one more opportunity for independent artists releasing music  to be heard. Of course, there are other avenues for new artists to upload and distribute their music, but each option that disappears into the ether makes it that much harder to develop a decently widespread following. Not cool.

Oh, and I’m also going to take this opportunity to gripe about that fact that while it’s possible to download any purchases made previously up until 22nd September, the site is currently rife with “unknown errors”. I’m working my way through albums and tracks I never got around to downloading, but I’ve found it impossible thus far to use my remaining credit for new purchases. Even less cool.

And how do the thoughtful people at Amie Street / Amazon thank me and compensate for the decent amount of $$’s I’ve spent in the past and the fact that I will not be able to in the future? By giving me a complimentary $5 voucher to spend at the Amazon digital store…which I can’t use because I’m not in the US. Gee, thanks guys.



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