On an Unrelated Note…I Create Monsters

So, over on my “about” page I mention that I write fairytales.

I used to try, anyway. I had this bright idea of trying again, and in the meantime I’m posting all my old efforts at a new blog, which I decided to call I Create Monsters. The pages and everything are still under construction, a bit, but there are words n’ stuff there.

You can go read it, or not. Whatever.

That is all.



About Satellite for Entropy

My thoughts are fish, all swimming about and prone to scattering swiftly. Some of them are pretty but not all of them are gold. Some have teeth; some travel in gangs and with a single school of thought; some are haphazard loners, darting about the place randomly and to no obvious purpose. But they're all slippery little suckers. Sometimes, I get lucky and find myself with a good grasp on one, long enough to remember what it looks like before releasing it back into the wild. View all posts by Satellite for Entropy

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