Do Something Good

Meanwhile, as I’m busy being all self involved and divulging a bunch of irrelevant anecdotes, other people are actually doing something important.

TheSteinbergPrinciple, fellow WordPress blogger and – quite obviously – all round good-guy, recently compiled a release called Gold Day: The Songs of Linkous, Smith and Chesnutt, with proceeds from the sale going to Depression Alliance UK. The compilation is currently available to purchase for £7.00 via Bandcamp. The tracks are also able to be purchased individually for £1.00, so whether you can only give a little or are just interested in one or two tracks, you’ve got plenty of options.

As the name might suggest, the compilation features cover versions of tracks originally by Mark Linkous (Sparklehorse), Elliott Smith and Vic Chesnutt, all of whom took their own lives, and consequently, their light from the world. While they are no longer with us, they each left more than a worthwhile musical legacy in their wake. A release such as this serves to honour the  invaluable contribution these artists made to music, as well as bring awareness to the condition they each suffered from and ultimately succumbed to, so that ultimately, we can work towards preventing further loss.

Depression is still one of the most misunderstood afflictions and all too often treated like a four-letter word. Thankfully, the music industry has a time-honoured tradition of welcoming and honouring all four-letter words. Aside from paying tribute to Linkous, Smith and Chesnutt, and as well as donating to a worthy cause, you’ll receieve 14 tracks from some truly wonderful artists.

There’s Rivulets‘ breakingly tender version of Painbirds (Sparklehorse), Glissando also offer their own ethereal post-rock perspective on another Sparklehorse track, It’s A Wonderful Life, while fellow Gizeh artist Sleepingdog sings a beautiful Saturday.

Dream-folk songstress Lotte Kestner (of Trespassers William) contributed a version of Vic Chesnutt’s Flirted With You All My Life, which is given a different perspective later on by There Will Be Fireworks. Both are unique to the respective artists and both are very welcome insight to what is now a particularly poignant song.

For Elliot Smith, Burnt Island provide a haunting folk lullaby version of  Between the Bars, while Pink Pills give Needle in the Hay an almost dream-punk acoustic take.

Of course, that’s only the half of it. Lovers Turn To Monsters, Kieran Naughton (Deserter’s Deserve Death), Small Town Boredom, Rob St John, Luke Joyce (The Gothenburg Address) plus The Unwinding Hours & RM Hubbert all give equally excellent contributions.

So, to sum up, for £7.00 you:

  • Pay tribute to three gifted and sadly missed musicians
  • Donate to a worthy charity
  • Get 14 great tracks by a bunch of amazing artists

Aren’t they awesome things to achieve with such a small amount of money? Of course they are – go do it! 😉

And in case you missed the links:

Click here to find out more from and/or about TheSteinbergPrinciple
Click here to visit the Bandcamp page and spend your monies on a good cause
Click here to visit Depression Alliance UK and educate or help yourself, or someone you know



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9 responses to “Do Something Good

  • thesteinbergprinciple

    thanks for this. really appreciate the support. e xo

  • Satellite for Entropy

    My pleasure – hope it helps get a few more donations. Nice work, by the way, really enjoying the compilation.

  • thesteinbergprinciple

    cool. i’m glad. it was really great getting all those musicians to contribute. glad you’re enjoying the music. nice blog by the way. loved your review of boduf songs. currently trying to write one. it’s a difficult record to write about!

    • Satellite for Entropy

      Thanks! I spent about a month stewing over what to write about the Boduf Songs album. Eventually I abandoned everything I’d written down previously, logged in and typed up whatever came into my head – dangerous, but honest! I dig your blog, too – I now have Wive on my list of ‘must have post haste’ – quite a fan of A Whisper In the Noise and I’d not heard about that before.

  • Invisible Elephant

    I got this at the weekend and can vouch for its greatness. I have somehow managed to go my whole life without ever hearing a Vic Chesnutt song. Why? How? I was totally blown away by both versions of ‘Flirted With You…’ and it’s the first time in ages I’ve been taken surprise by a song…. “Oh, Death..”. Me: Oh, he’s singing about death! Wow.

    I think Elliott Smith is probably my favourite artist ever so there’s some trepidation when you’ve heard that someone has covered one of his songs but I thought those that tried did a good job. They can be deceptively difficult songs to play.

    I wouldn’t have been that disappointed if the music wasn’t that good because you are still giving money to a very worthy cause but this is a truly excellent compilation and I’ve been playing it all weekend. The Steinberg Principle did a really good job of getting this all together

    • Satellite for Entropy

      Flirted With You All My Life surprised me too. Similarly, Vic Chesnutt is the artist I’m the least familiar with of the three – the song I know most is actually the collab he did on Dark Night of the Soul (Grim Augary – top song). I almost described Lotte Kestner’s version as “lovely”, but something prompted me to check the lyrics – probably the fact that as there are two versions, one with female vocal and the other male, I was intrigued about where the original was coming from (I dunno, I have this thing, an interest, when male and/or female singers take on songs from a uiniquely opposite gender perspective).

      Anyway, upon paying closer attention to said lyrics, it was a bit of an eye-opener.

      But yes, a very worthwhile compilation no matter which way you look at it. 🙂

  • thesteinbergprinciple

    Thanks. So you know, the project is not a closed book. If somebody else were to contribute a tune I’d happily add it to the list and make it available for £1. Could then make a second bundle if enough people got onboard. So if you know anyone who fancies contributing.

    IE – Delighted to introduce you to the world of Vic Chesnutt.

    SfE – Wive’s album is really excellent. Hopefully we can keep introducing each other to new and interesting music.

  • Invisible Elephant

    Didn’t know it was still open. The chance to interpret/unintentionally ruin an Elliott Smith song is very interesting.

  • thesteinbergprinciple

    Well yeah. I never really closed it. Just decided to group the tracks together. But I would welcome further contributions and gladly post them up. Feel free to send me something.

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