Theme Songs for Favourite Things – Visual Art #2

Favourite Modern Artist – Yoshitaka Amano

Yoshitaka Amano, quite simply, does amazing work in a varitey of mediums, though he’s most noted for his Final Fantasy and anime character designs such as Vampire Hunter D. I suppose thematically rather than stylistically, he does share a thing or two in common with the Pre-Raphaelites, with a similar sense of fantasy, romance and tragedy present in a lot of his work; but his attention to small, intricate and wild detail is almost beyond comprehension for someone like me.

For books, I recommend checking out Neil Gaiman‘s fairytale The Dream Hunters, which is a Sandman spin-off (prior knowledge of the series is not required), Tale of the Genji and Fairies – all of which contain exquisite examples of his work. There used to be an online gallery which featured a wide variety of his pieces spanning the last three decades, which unfortunately seems to have disappeared, but here’s a few examples.


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The theme song I’ve chosen for Yoshitaka Amano is Drink Me by Christophe Beck, who was the primary composer of music for Buffy for most of the show’s duration (he won an Emmy in 1998 for the episode titled Hush), and has worked on various film scores. I chose this (from the third season of Buffy), for being, at different points, dark, sinister, dramatic, fragile and beautiful.



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