Theme Songs for Favourite Things – Flowers #1

Mia Doi Todd – Night of A Thousand Kisses


Favourite Floral Scent – Jasmine

There’s a fairly broad variety of jasmine plants. My particular favourite, however, is the one pictured above – jasminum polyanthum. Funnily enough, it’s more commonly referred to as both white and pink jasmine.

In one of the first homes I ever lived by myself, I had a very small garden out back – approximately 3m x 8m (for the non-metrically inclined, that’s about 10ft x 26.5ft). My garden was separated from the neighbour’s by a corrugated iron fence which was covered by a jasmine vine, blossoming primarily during spring and summer. Though I’m a bit more of a winter person, stepping outside and being greeted by the scent of jasmine was one of the best things about the warmer weather, especially at dusk when the day had slightly cooled and the perfume seemed to just expand the air around it. I suppose it’s quite difficult to convey a scent in words, but to me it’s one of the most alluring fragrances there is – delicate but rich, a little dark and sweet. No suprises that almost all of the perfumes I find myself favouring have a jasmine base.

The theme song for jasmine is Night of A Thousand Kisses by Mia Doi Todd, from the 2008 album Gea. Not quite for the subject matter in this instance (though the sometimes dizzying effects of romance is fairly apt), but because musically it matches the light, delicate, dusky and beautiful visual aspect of jasmine; and because Mia’s wonderful voice is the perfect combination of gentle, rich, slightly smoky, evocative and sensual to represent such a gorgeous flower and fragrance.




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