As Promised…

I mentioned recently that I would be compiling a year-end list of favourite things musical; which is now finished and ready for perusal, casual or otherwise.

This was a pretty big project and I’ve covered as much ground as I thought feasible, so if you have an interest in public displays of self-indulgence, feel free to visit the unusually huge page I created to suit the occasion:

The Massively Epic Book of Favourite Things


If anyone makes it through the entire thing, I may just send you congratulatory bags of jelly beans, or some other favourite thing of your own.



About Satellite for Entropy

My thoughts are fish, all swimming about and prone to scattering swiftly. Some of them are pretty but not all of them are gold. Some have teeth; some travel in gangs and with a single school of thought; some are haphazard loners, darting about the place randomly and to no obvious purpose. But they're all slippery little suckers. Sometimes, I get lucky and find myself with a good grasp on one, long enough to remember what it looks like before releasing it back into the wild. View all posts by Satellite for Entropy

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