Things To Take With You On Your Holidays

My second-to-last order of business before the 25th with a quick couple of things I wanted to mention while I pack my bags and head out for a beach holiday over Christmas (in which circumstances equals: chance to stare at the sea intermittently while I work on a few things to bring back). Along with a few other things I’ll be talking about soon, you can be sure I’m taking the following along with me…


First up is the reissue of Urchin by Inga Liljeström. This album has been on my wish list for quite a long time (we’re talking years), so I was thrilled to discover Groovescooter have recently released a special edition with bonus tracks. I haven’t yet heard most of the tracks on this album, but I adore Elk in some ways I can’t speak about without the post being marked as containing adult content.  You can check Urchin out here. (I honestly don’t know if Groovescooter ship internationally, but it can’t hurt to ask if you like what you hear). For just one of the reasons why Inga is one of very few female artists that can get me all quiver-y, take a listen to All Of This from the album Elk).


Now on to the  live EP by Her Name Is Calla, recently released via Bandcamp. It’s no secret how much I like this band, and I would dearly love to see them live one day. In the absence of that opportunity, however, this is certainly the next best thing. The EP contains three tracks from the set they played at Denovali’s Swingfest back in October, and I can only guess at the magic the audience would have been witness to after listening to the half-hour+ they’ve made available here.




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