Huntsman on My Window Part II


I wrote the other day about a spider that’s decided to make my window its home. I’m not going to draw this out into a saga, but I did want to quickly mention this… I came home from shopping earlier this evening to find it had switched positions, which also meant I could get a shot of it from the top, instead of underneath. So that’s what I did.

Maybe it’s just me, but I had a few different, immediate thoughts when I opened up that picture on my computer.

First, because of the shadows under the legs, it kind of looks like a star, or snowflake.

Then I thought, actually it looks a bit like a ninja star.

But… Then I looked that the lower segment of the body (technically upper,  but meh) – does anyone else notice something kind of strange there? I really hope it’s not just me and idicitave of some kind of subconscious psychological disturbance, like an ink blot test. (What would it say about me that when I looked at this, my chain of thought was: star > snowflake > ninja star > … OMG, horrible ghostly skull face! 😮  )?

I took several other shots, just to try and get it with greater clarity, which I did actually acheive but even though you can vaguely see  the areas that form the face in the above image, none of the other photos made it look as pronounced. Here’s what it looks like not-so-murky.

Even as a ‘trick of light’, or shadows, or whatever, this really doesn’t do much to help the spider’s PR.

However, for the purposes of self-mockery, and in an attempt at negating the heebie-jeebies, I’ve decided to call my little friend Charlotte (dual reference to the book and the Bette Davis thriller). I’ve assumed it’s female and the mother of the egg sac I spotted in the top corner of my window. Plus, I’m switching her theme song to this:





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