Theme Songs for Favourite Things – Cars

Deftones – Passenger


Favourite Car – Torana LX SLR 5000

It would be foolish of me to pretend that I know more about this beautiful piece of machinery than I actually do, as well as quite against the purpose of these posts to get overly technical on everyone. Thus, if you’d like to learn more, check out Holden Torana, or Wikipedia for a decent history and overview of the various models.

What I will say is that the Torana is an icon of Australian motoring history, both in sport (racing) and socially. I have a lot of fond memories associated with these cars (and not the typically teenage car / backseat type memories, I’ll just point out. Those are reserved for the Kingswood – which is also a Holden). Most of the memories I have are associated with family road-trips in a white LC model. Aside from the obligatory fights between my brothers and I over who would get to ride in the front seat, I loved just watching the suburbs slowly disappear and become vast fields of Salvation Jane or dense, dark forests, rolling hills, steep cliffs and the occasional, long-abandoned crumbling stone cottage or graveyards filled with headstones from the 1800’s – the kind of things that drove my imagination wild.

In later years, I had a massive crush on a guy who drove an LH, (and I assure you it was about the guy, not the car). We’d sometimes go out on midnight drives, the kind which put our lives in danger in general just for the sheer thrill of it, but I was always too scared to tell this guy how much I liked him. Such is the folly of youth, I suppose – getting things the wrong way around and being prepared to risk a life but not the heart.

With production on the Torana models ceasing in 1980, these now vintage cars are highly coveted by many, including myself. Alas, while my mother paid $400 dollars for one in the mid-80’s, some models now fetch well over $100k, though – depending on condition – it’s possible still to find them under $10k. As things stand, for the time being it’s one for the ‘if I ever get rich…‘ list.

While I’m here, I may as well mention that Holden are also responsible for another car I’m quite partial to, the Monaro, which itself is a beautiful car and would be the definite runner-up as far as  favourite go.

Holden HX Monaro GTS

But the Torana gets the gong for all the memories I have with it. In terms of performance, I’m not even remotely capable of making a judgement and I don’t really have the inclination to change that, I’d rather appeciate the beauty of the beast from an entirely aesthetic and nostalgic perspective. I’ve picked the SLR over the other models simply because it’s my dream car.

As for the theme song, well I hope it’s fairly self-explanatory… The Torana is one damn sexy car, and DeftonesPassenger is suitably one of the sexiest songs there is, with Chino Moreno and Maynard James Keenan (Tool) delivering an intriguing – not to mention breathless – duet.

While I’m still footing it in most of my travels, and I’m very far from being the type of girl who will jump in any kind of car without knowing much more than the name of the driver, anyone who rolls up next to me behind the wheel of one of these, I’ll at least give ’em a wink just for their supremely good taste (in cars, that is).





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