Gerry Loves Records – Split EP

The above vinyl EP showcases four artists on the label Gerry Loves Records. If you’re in the same position as me, then these will serve as an introduction to each respective artist – and a rather merry little introduction it is.

Unifying the four artists, aside from the label and EP itself, is location (Scotland), and a penchant for a little experimentation with the components of their respective genres. From there, things get nicely divergent for a little compliation.

The Japanese War EffortRibbit
Ambient electronic pop that has genuine sparkle, with some nice, warming and dreamy effects included for good measure – a little like a glass of champagne that tastes crisper and smoother than the energetic bubbles might lead you to believe.

Fox Gut Daata Part Of You That Meant To Go On Living
Apart from the contemplation-inducing title, this track put my imagination squarely with the tortoise in the race (you know, that one that’s supposed to tell you slow and steady wins…) Only this tortoise is strutting all kinds of ways through some nifty happy-land, winking at flowers that wink back – clearly, funky wins.

Miaoux MiaouxEmitter
Subtle glitch with lightly surging synth melody, resulting in lively, feelgood pop electronica that’s easy to sing along with. Apparently, this was a track that lay dormant for a year then became the subject of a late night dash to the studio and finished on little sleep. Rather than catch the implied latency and weariness of that anecdote, it’s exemplary of what a last minute surge of inspiration can do.

Wounded KneeTomlinson’s Rant
This is a kinda folky chant with a definite old-school, jauntily up beat veneer; which in some ways is in stark contrast to the subject matter (sung from the perspective of Ian Tomlinson, whose death during 2009’s G20 summit is surrounded by controversy), but in other ways it’s highly suitable. It isn’t an angry demand for justice, it’s a consistently humming reminder of the various aspects justice entails. Rather than smack a conscience around for a couple of minutes, Wounded Knee unobtrusively taps on it, but with a catchy enough hook to ultimately become unrelenting.

(On a very minor related note, June of last year I put a call-out for a barber shop take on a doom song, Tomlinson’s Rant has me convinced more than ever that such a thing would be awesome).

All up, t’was a bit like having four dinner guests that I’ve never met before at my table, all of which are welcome back any time.


You can listen to all available tracks – if you want to cue any one in particular just click the back or forward buttons to scroll through the tracklisting. Or to get your own copy and listen anytime, simply head straight here to buy the limited vinyl – which includes an immediate dowload with four remixes exclusive to the vinyl edition.




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