January’s Swag – Free (& Legal) Downloads Across the Net

Cool swag needs a cool bag - There's a high chance these will get more bizarre and less relevant as the months go by

I rarely have the chance to make an individual post about everything I’d like to, even less so now that my 6-week break is officially over (which also means I’ll be back to posting every 2-4 days from here on in); so I thought I’d start a monthly round-up with a selection of freely available music that has grabbed my attention as I travel across the vast realms of the ‘net – enough for me to grab them back.


Silber Records

…have released two free EPs for your listening pleasure. First up is Ava by Clang Quartet, which is a live performance recorded during the 2008 Ava Gardener Independent Film Festival. Ava is half an hour of improvised drone/noise. The second EP is a re-take of Sarah June‘s In Black Robes, titled Beneath Black Robes. The folky Americana of the former is given a shoegaze/trip-hop makeover in the latter.



…have continued to bring some great sessions to the fold, though I will admit I haven’t downloaded so many this past month, having not been so much in the mood for excessive amounts of alt-folk-ish type stuff (there is more than that there, of course, but it does seem to be the primary focus). Anyway, a few interesting ones to look out for:

You can also check out two ‘best-of’ type compilations from 2010 sessions – the results of a Reader’s Choice poll, and a Best of Daytrotter 2010 as chosen by the staff.



…came a little late to the party (just in terms of what I happen to dig), but put up some choice tracks for free download just recently that I couldn’t say no to, as I’m quite keen on True Widow‘s debut album as well as very much looking forward to the new one due for release in March; plus, while I wasn’t fanatic about the Xasthur album I picked up a while back, the black metal meets folk collaboration with Marisa Nadler intrigued me enough to pick up the two tracks from recently-released Portal of Sorrow (my verdict is similar to theirs, funnily enough, I liked the idea better than the result, but the two tracks are worth a listen/download so you can decide for yourself).


Clare Bowditch, whom I recently mentioned in my Oz music series, has a free download of a song (for your next fashion parade), remixed by Storm Boy. Also available is a free track put up on the website just before (and for) Christmas, which I most definitely recommend grabbing if your interest was piqued earlier – a lovely song no matter the time of year.

Then there’s

Sealings, who have posted their first, now sold out tape (released via Clan Destine Records) on their site for free download. Containing four tracks, including personal favourite My Boyfriends Dead. If you haven’t heard it yet, all you have to do is click play.

Then you’ll have to click here for the gimmie.


…here’s a bunch of tasters from current or forthcoming albums, all conveniently available via betterPropaganda.





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