Theme Songs For Favourite Things – Smileys #1

Grandaddy – Nature Anthem


Favourite Multi-Purpose Smiley – Build Me Up…

That’s right, I have a thing for smileys. So much so,  that I can’t just have a favourite smiley, I have to break it down into smaller categories so that other favourites don’t miss out.

The truth is, I love these little guys, and both collect and use them relentlessly. Before my old computer gave up the ghost, I had amassed some 400 on my hard drive, and just a smidge under 200 had been uploaded to my Photobucket account so that I could find and use favourites at a moment’s notice. I will even admit I have spent a late night or two trawling the net for variations of my particular favourite, the elusive Ninja Smiley.

But first thing’s first.

That little dude puts a smile on my face every single time I see it. I would totally love to do that and could see myself spending a day doing so (ok, so maybe not a whole day. I have a yen to see real snow and activities – if I ever do – will include more than the above. Plus, I did once visit a  place here called Mt Thebarton Ice Arena, which was an indoor ice skating rink that also had a 120 metre man-made ski slope. In my attempt to ski said slope, after a 10 minute beginner lesson, I think I made it about two of those metres in an upright position, then tumbled the rest of the way down and got completely saturated, thusly also very cold. I stuck to tobogganing after that).

But I adore the way that smiley just never stops loving what it’s doing (play along with me here, I know it’s not real and that it’s just a few frames in a continuous loop). I love the look – ^_^ –  when he goes to jump in, and the look – >_> – after he gets up, checking to make sure no one’s watching, before re-building the snowman and jumping into it again.

So, for my little friend, I’ve chosen a song that is similarly a little random, repetitive and irreverent, but more importantly, a pure indulgence in whimsy and therefore also makes me smile.





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