Boduf Songs CD Release and Tour Campaign

Quite clearly I suck at keeping up to date with important events and information, amusing myself with smileys and the like, forgetting about other things while I sit idly at my desk playing Plants vs Zombies, gradually getting bored until finally thinking ‘hmm, I should spend some money on something…oh yeah, I wonder whatever happened about that thing’.

As the picture above may clearly indicate, ‘that thing’ was the implied CD release of the previously digital/vinyl only This Alone Above All Else In Spite of Everything by Boduf Songs, one of my absolute favourites of 2010. Lucky I checked, as it’s now available to pre-order through Under The Spire Recordings. Couldn’t find a release date, but there you go. It may not be life-changing news for some, but I’m certainly pleased about it, cos I want it and stuff.

Even more sucky, however, is the fact that I missed the opportunity to plug the Boduf Songs: Transatlantic Mission of Hope and Joy Kickstarter Project early on, one of those pledge projects to raise funds for a European tour, as there’s now just shy of two weeks left. If Australia somehow magically became a part of Europe, I’d be initiating my own campaign to raise enough to pay for the $10,000 reward (or whatever it’s called):

Boduf Songs will become your personal minstrel, following you around and turning your every action into a whimsical ballad of heroic fable and so on. For, like, a week.

That would be so worth $10k.

If you want to make it happen (with the tour, primarily), do it here. Then send me pics when Boduf Songs sings to you so I can at least have some vicarious awesomeness while I’m listening to appropriately named songs…



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