10 Love Songs For Valentines Day

Valentines Day brings all sorts of emotions to the fore for lots of people, excitement, anticipation, dread. As it’s just a few days away, I thought my time would best be occupied by seeing to it that no matter who you are and what your situation is, you’ve got the perfect song to spend it with. It’s impossible to cover every aspect in only 10 songs (or 12, as it turned out), but I’ve tried to cater for the most common. Hopefully there’s a track here for just about everyone to hug, kiss, flirt, seduce, cry, eat chocolate or nurture bitterness to. Or other things, like plot evil, if you’re so inclined. First, let’s get the whole today’s just a horrible reminder of how you done me wrong thing out of the way.


Tricky – Poems
Poems comes from the one-time collaborative effort Nearly God, generally considered Tricky’s album as opposed to being attributed to all contributors. This is one of the moodiest spurned lover songs out there – play if you feel like having some deep-seated resentment come seeping back. (Features Tricky, Terry Hall & Martina Topley Bird).


Dr. Horrible – My Freeze Ray
This is the song for those shy, awkward types who haven’t quite worked up the courage to tell their loved one how they feel. (Dr Horrible is the title character from Joss Whedon’s musical mini series Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog, played, and sung, by the inimitable Neil Patrick Harris).


Tindersticks – City Sickness | Sandrine – Trigger
I couldn’t decide between these tracks so you get two for the price of one. These are for all the lovers going solo on the 14th, for whatever reason. City Sickness for the guys, Trigger for the gals. No matter what, there’s always one person around who’ll show you some love, if you’ll only let them.




Flight of the Conchords – Business Time
Especially for all you comfortable types who find bliss in established routine and domestic ritual. Make sure that you’re wearing your business socks on the 14th, and don’t get your partner that new video game/book they mentioned, or if you do, try to work it in sometime between afterglow and sleep, otherwise you might find yourself back at Plan 8.


The Frames – Early Bird
Really just wonderful, one of the most joyous and uplifting songs I know. This one’s especially for those Valentines that are still getting to know each other, and loving every second of it.



Stuart A. Staples – Dance With An Old Man
I nearly excluded this a capella track from the Tindersticks‘ front man, lest I be accused of having an obsession with a particular theme, but this is such a lovely track. And yes, I do mean lovely. This one’s for all those out there that have been together for – like – ever, and still have fuel for the fire.



Neneh Cherry – Golden Ring
Up until about five minutes before publishing this post, #4 was another Neneh song, Move With Me (primarily because I love the lyric ‘move with me, I’m strong enough to be weak in your arms‘). Then I realised I didn’t have a track for anyone out there planning on proposing to their partners, which is quite obviously a horrible oversight. So here you go, you hopeless fools romantics. And what the hey, all this talk about love is making me feel generous, so have Move With Me as well.




Depeche Mode – In Your Room
One of the most powerful, and therefore scary, things about love is that it means being vulnerable to someone else. They know your secrets, they know how to hurt you in all the worst possible ways. Some of the best ways, too. In Your Room is a little dark and sinister, and a hell of a lot sexy – it’s the song for those of you who trust as much as you love.


The Cure – Lovesong
The Cure at some of their best with this song. It still has the trademark hint of melancholy (such as befitting the album it’s from, 1989’s Disintegration), but of all the songs that have ever been written that say pretty much the same thing (i.e. I will always love you, no matter what), there’s very few that capture the bittersweet, celebrative, and beautiful sentiment as poignantly as this. (Dolly Parton’s words, even when sung with Whitney Houston’s powerful voice, just don’t hold a candle to this). For all those that never stop giving love.


John Lee Hooker – I Cover The Waterfront
This has been a favourite of mine for a long time, and I love this beautifully understated and intimate performance. It’s number 1 because it’s really the perfect all-rounder Valentines Day song – To me, there’s not much more romantic than a simple ‘I will wait for you until you’re here’, whether you know who the you is yet or not.



All tracks are streaming only – no downloads are hosted on this site or linked to. Any artists wishing to have the material removed can do so by using the contact information


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