New Graveface Subscription Club

This landed in my email today and I thought it was news well worth sharing around. For those of you who are regular readers, you may be aware of my recent fondness for Graveface Records, thanks in no small part to one of last year’s most intriguing albums, the Jonathan Meiburg and Jamie Stewart collaboration Blue Water White Death.

Hopefully a few paid attention back then and took a gander around the rest of the label’s wares, including the label-owner’s own projects Black Moth Super Rainbow and Dreamend, and/or other artists including Hospital Ships, The Appleseed Cast, Experimental Aircraft plus many more well worth your attention. The latest news of a subscription club is a perfect way to explore the Graveface catalogue, and is so temptingly priced it’s almost too good to be true.

Even those outside of the US or Canada can sign up for $155 ($105/$130 for those within the US/Canada). Sound like a hefty investment? It might be for a stick of gum, but when that cash buys you the next 10 albums on both CD, LP, plus an immediate download so you don’t have to wait for the postman before you start listening to the latest releases, and a collectors club t-shirt, then discounting the other bonuses it means you’re paying a paltry $15-odd each release for three different versions to be hand-delivered to you. That’s just madness! Or at least it would be if you didn’t jump at the chance (club spaces are limited).

I’ve just relayed the basics here, but there’s a lot more benefit to subscribing so for full details visit the Graveface specials page; and if you’re not familiar with any of the label’s artists, do have a look around, chances are you’ll find it hard to leave without buying something. Chances are also very high that you’ll get a stick of gum in your parcel, thus making it a sweet investment indeed.




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