Music Ruins Lives: Winter Releases

It should be common knowledge ’round these parts that one of my favourite artists in 2010 was Planning For Burial, with two exemplary releases – Leaving on Enemies List Home Recordings, and the subsequent Split CD with Lonesummer on own label, Music Ruins Lives.

With five¹ releases under their belt since the first back in October 2010 (Voids, a collection of Have A Nice Life tracks), most of them sold out or nearing it, MRL are shaping up to be a label you need to know about, and before the chance to lay claim on one of their limited physical releases slips through your fingers. You can keep up with the latest MRL news and events here. In the meantime, here’s a selection of current or forthcoming releases, so you can’t say you weren’t warned if you miss out.


Planning For Burial – Untitled

For the uninitiated, this would be the ideal place to begin, self-described as the ‘“missing link” between the lumbering doom compositions of Leaving…and the dark keyboard-driven drone pop of last year’s split…‘, so you’d get a good grounding with this. It’s also a perfect example of what I mean by missed opportunites – the CD version, which contains a 28-minute extended version of the title track from Leaving, is sold out, but you can purchase the two main tracks in digital format via Bandcamp.


Bad Braids – Arrow And Orb

The first thing that struck me when I listened to this was the hint of something both other and old-wordly about the psych-folk music of Bad Braids. Full review is coming soon at [sic] so keep an eye out there, in the meantime, take a listen to the first track, When My Darling Turns To Dust (Pt II & III). Or just go ahead and pre-order the cassette.


Tom Vourtsis – Mothhunting

Remember that whole thing about imagining your head is a fish tank? (I know it made sense to a select few out there). I’m in similar territory with this drone project, only the water is a little deeper and murkier, filled with some critters I can’t quite make out…yet. While I wait for the tide to go out – or come in, whichever happens first – take a listen and make up your own mind; I bet you can make it into something cooler than a fish tank, anyways. Pre-order the CD here.



1. Not including the Negative Series, unofficial releases of bonus material with a -cat#. The first of which was a live Lonesummer set, issued on CDr along with the first 30 orders of the Planning For Burial/Lonesummer split. Lucky for you, that release has  also been made available as a free download.


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