30 Day Music Challenge: Day 1 – My Favourite Song

Tori Amos – Cooling

“Is your place in heaven worth giving up these kisses?”

“Favourite” used to be a difficult choice, and one I never actually made until I heard and got to know this. It’s one of the most breathtaking songs I know, with some of the most beautiful lyrics ever written. Tori has a tremendous capacity to both break my heart and heal it, this song does both. It’s my favourite because I know it, down to every last word, and I don’t mean that in a recital sense.

It never appeared on any albums, though a live version was on the second disc on To Venus and Back, and it also appeared as a B-Side to the single Spark. There are some stunning live versions out there, but I wanted to show the song in the first incarnation that I heard it.



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