Challenge Accepted

Over the next few weeks, my attentions are going to be a little further divided than usual (study, work and other commitments), owing to the massive PITA that looking for, and moving into, a new home entails. While this isn’t going to mean there won’t be any of the usual content on S4E, it will have to be with less frequency.

In order to maintain my habit and efforts, and keep the site updated, I’ve decided to undertake the Facebook 30 Day music challenge, which is basically one song choice per day, under the guidelines set out here.

The idea is to simply post a video to the song, with a brief reason as to why it falls under the designated category. In that regard, brief will be the component that provides the greatest challenge to me.  Out of the context of Facebook and into a blog format, I suspect it won’t be too much of an issue if I can’t be succinct.

Anyway, I’ll be starting from today, in a separate post.



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3 responses to “Challenge Accepted

  • dangerousmeredith

    No pressure though, huh?

    What does PITA mean?

    You are looking to move? Good luck.

  • Satellite for Entropy

    I was wondering why it was called a challenge at first, ‘too easy’, says I. Then I sat down and tried to forecast what future picks might be. Not so easy, as it turns out.

    PITA stands for pain in the a##. It’s weird, I have no problem saying that phrase – nor a few worse ones, in truth – in real life, but when it comes to permanently committing them to a public forum, I get unnecessarily funny about it and stick to slightly more polite versions.

    To say that I dislike moving would be an understatement – I have only ever done so when I’m left with no choice, which each time has been because the owners can’t sell the place with an occupant. The only good thing is my current place is so small, half my stuff is still in boxes from the last move 2 yrs ago! Thanks for the luck. :]

  • dangerousmeredith

    Moving is hell. It took me ages to find the place I am currently in. But on the upside I have been here for 3 years and it suits me really well so hopefully you will be lucky too with your next place.

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