30 Day Music Challenge: Day 2 – My Least Favourite Song

Fergie – Big Girls Don’t Cry

Hate is a strong, harsh word, but make no mistake, there is absolutely nothing I find redeeming about this song, nor the video clip for it.

I dislike the notion of a grown woman singing about maturity under the title Big Girls Don’t Cry, which is language used to talk to/bribe children out of behaviours their parents don’t like/want to deal with – it is not language mature adults use to talk themselves out of having an emotional reaction; particularly when the rest of the song is trying to be about learning and accepting who one “truly is”. (On a related side note, if you are female and can legally or mentally be called an adult, quit using baby language. It is not cute or endearing, nor achieves anything remotely positive).

I dislike that within the generally bad to the point of nonsensical lyrics, is the line “I’m gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket“. Maybe stop likening yourself to a child, you might stop acting like one, you’ll probably stop getting treated like one, and you’ll have half a chance of entering into and maintaining a mature relationship, in which the guy won’t bugger off on you and you won’t be left going “oh yeah? well, I need to be alone now anyway, so I can centre serenity and…stuff…

Most of all, I dislike that throughout the entire charade of a film clip, Fergie has the most ridiculous, subject-matter negating pout on her face, as shown above in the screen shot. I readily admit I want to slap it off her every time I see it.

It is extremely begrudgingly that I post this song, and I resent the fact that I tested 8 different YouTube videos before realising that not a single one of them could be embedded on WordPress in order for you to enjoy the same delights as I, so I suffered for nothing and you’ll have to make do with the audio player and a static pic. If you want to see the original clip then go here.

Did I mention that I really don’t like this song?




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