30 Day Music Challenge: Day 4 – A Song That Makes Me Sad

Scout Niblett – Wolfie

Not an easy choice to make, but this is one of the only songs in my library that no matter what mood I’m in, will give me a moment where I’m not as far away from the reasons it gets to me as I thought. Scout…her voice, the words, that utterly searing guitar and the raw simplicity of the song – she strips away every moment in the distance between now and then.

I don’t think it’s necessary that I say any more about that.

I do think it’s necessary to say that I think we all know that the world is larger than the tiny part of it we inhabit, greater than our thoughts and the thousands of things that only affect ourselves. We know that our lives take on one small thread in a vast amount of time. It’s easy to keep that thread bound tightly in a small circle, for everything we experience, see, hear and learn we must bring back to ourselves in order to try and understand it.

The sadness that this song evokes is somewhere near the centre of my circle, perhaps obviously a personal one, but it is small. Sadness itself seems like a very small word these days.

The streets I walked down yesterday were quiet. There were no dogs barking, no children playing in their yards. Passers-by were solemn and seemed contracted. It was as though the world is so moved it’s people find it hard to move, as though the world has been stilled to balance the devastation of it being shook.

But we must not keep still.

It’s impossible to know the full extent of what Japan needs right now, but they need us to be moved in more ways than one. If you have money, donate it. If you have clothes, blankets and shoes, then find somewhere that will take them. If your organisation has medical supplies, then send them. If you have faith, then pray. If all you have is a moment, then use it to tell someone else this message.

The earth, for better or worse, will continue its motion. So don’t stop,  and do what you can to bring everyone with it.

Digital ways to donate to Japan disaster relief. (Via Sydney Morning Herald).



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