30 Day Music Challenge: Day 5 – A Song That Reminds Me Of Someone

Gravenhurst – Animals

You mean something to someone, somewhere

Strangely enough, this has been the most difficult pick so far (in all of five), for lots of little reasons that made the whole thing frustrating. Some songs are by artists I’ve already mentioned, which was a self-imposed rule, some songs couldn’t be found, others could but the videos weren’t able to be embedded here…

I don’t really know what to say about this song, the reasons I ultimately chose it, the person it reminds me of or why.

The best way for me to put it is to tell you about someone and something else. There’s an artist from Oda, a small town in Japan, by the name of Daiki Wakachi. He makes ice sculptures filled with pigs’ blood. The art itself is not the sculpture, but in placing it out in the sun to melt. The first, and only, example I have seen of this was quite some years ago now, but  was a sculpture of a woman. Watching her melt with the blood (in a motion capture video, so not real time), was – surprisingly – grotesquely fascinating and beautiful.




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