Accidental Kings

Californian 3-piece  in a live performance of ‘C’.

Accidental Kings are, for all intents and purposes, still in the process of forming (currently seeking a singer to complete the ensemble), but you wouldn’t know it from watching that vid. Desert rock, progressive rock, post rock… if the common denominator to everything you can think of to describe it is rock, you can take it as a sure sign that that’s what it does. Keep an eye and ear out for future developments.
RIYL – Red Sparowes, Pelican, Kyuss etc.

You can check out three other tracks from the same gig on YouTube:

(It’s not too often I get to be the harbinger of something there’s a higher chance you haven’t heard than you have. So, while you listen to to that track, I’m going to get my black-rimmed glasses and wait for the +1 hipster creds to start rolling in).




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