30 Day Music Challenge: Day 9 – A Song I Can Dance To

Hexstatic – Kids Can Dance

This depends on the kind of dance we’re talking about…plus I think use of the word can (as in am able to – which also implies a certain level of skill, or at least competency) in that sentence makes things slightly ambiguous. In all practicality, I can dance to every song out there – will/should/do I?


I can’t dance with any degree of rhythm, or ‘flow’. When I was younger, alcohol sometimes made me believe I could, but I really can’t. Here’s something utterly boring and domestic for you, though – when I’m in a really good mood, I kinda like doing housework. In such circumstances, I also like listening to upbeat music with a groovy, funky, happy vibe. Which, every now and then, has the inadvertant side effect of making me do something that vaguely resembles dancing. This is one of those songs – I dig it because the bass line reminds me of an old (and highly funky) video game callled Toe Jam and Earl.




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