30 Day Music Challenge: Day 10 – A Song I Fall Asleep To

Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke – Sacrifice

Unfortunately, I no longer have the luxury of falling asleep to music. I used to have a CD player in my bedroom, and almost always played albums quitely right before going to sleep. It’s been about two years since the player broke and though I’ve said on many occasions that I really miss having one, I’ve yet to do anything about it.

So the track I chose isn’t a song I fall asleep to, but is probably one of the more gently moving songs I have in my library. The song and connotations inherent in the word sacrifice don’t necessarily make me think of sleep, or relaxation even, but there is something in this song that, when it plays, I find hushes most of the inner processes (thoughts) going on in my head, which is what listening to music as I went to sleep would do.

There is something about closing off the sense of sight and playing music in a dark room. Especially  alone and at night because most of the noise of the world has receded, leaving little to nothing for the more subtle nuances in a song to compete with. It would create a certain intimacy with the music I was listening to when there was nothing but sound to stimulate any of the senses, and I definitely got to know albums faster if not at a deeper level.

So yeah, I miss that and really should do something about it.



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