30 Day Music Challenge: Day 14 – A Song No One Would Expect Me To Love

To me, the one thing that makes life bearable is the knowledge that it will come to an end, because accepting this is the only way to unconditionally and freely enjoy life. ~Nicholas Lens


I think it’s a little weird to make presumptions about the expectations of others, none the less… I’ve gone for Corpus Inimici from Nicholas LensFlamma Flamma: The Fire Requiem, because it’s the only album of its kind in my library, it’s a song concerning hatred, and I’ve never discussed music or artists from the world of opera here before, all  of which makes it the most likely candidate.

I saw the entire opera performed many years ago, on the banks of  the River Torrens, while burning effigies floated on by. Such a powerful experience, and it was the first time I went to any great effort to acquire a CD from overseas, as it wasn’t available in Australia for some reason.

I don’t listen to it excessively, usually when I’m writing fiction that requires some bloodletting, from my characters, which can manifest in a variety of ways – the primal, tribal nature of the entire album awakens and heightens something quite visceral.

The (Latin) lyrics of this song translate to:

I spit on
My enemy’s body
My hate was fire
Be life itself
My vengeance

More from the composer:

The Fire Requiem Flamma Flamma is a ritual, strongly influenced by the magic powers of non-European cultures. The natural quality of primitive death ceremonials often sharply contrasts with the over-organised and therefore spiritually abused ceremonials of the western world.




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4 responses to “30 Day Music Challenge: Day 14 – A Song No One Would Expect Me To Love

  • dangerousmeredith

    Good stuff. I am partial to the odd bit of opera.

    And you write fiction? Do you ever pop extracts on your blog?

  • Satellite for Entropy

    I used to post odds and ends, short prose and poetry, at the start (beginning of 2009-2010), but phased it out as I began to focus more on music. (All those old posts are password protected now, and I can’t remember the password for them! o_O )

    I’ve been working on a different post though, as part of the ‘theme song’ series, which will have an old prose piece I wrote as part of it – so that’ll be up shortly.

  • dangerousmeredith

    Is that the Hyenas and Lions piece that you have posted recently? I found it today but I wont read it today – it’s too noisy where I am right now. Will save it up for a quiet time.

  • Satellite for Entropy

    Yeah, that’s the one – it’s fairly short, and not particularly good, but one of the last things I wrote before I shifted my focus on this blog.

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