30 Day Music Challenge: Day 17 – A Song I Hear Often On The Radio

Spiderbait – Buy Me A Pony

I don’t listen to any kind of radio. Occasionally I hear it when at other people’s houses or in other people’s cars, but I don’t have a radio in my house, or listen to any net stations.

Of course, I used to listen to the radio, so I guess I’ll go with a song that was played to death in years gone by. I picked Buy Me A Pony by Spiderbait not because it’s a song I have any particular fondness for, but because it’s from a time I did listen to the radio and I remember it being pretty much rammed down my throat every time I listened to a national station we have here called Triple J – it went on to be voted number one in the 1996 Triple J Hottest 100 songs of the year.

(PS The audio in that clip is a little quiet, but it’s the only one on YouTube and I don’t have alternative access to it in order to provide a higher quality listen).




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4 responses to “30 Day Music Challenge: Day 17 – A Song I Hear Often On The Radio

  • Chris

    Fun fact: Ivy and the Big Apples by Spiderbait (of which Buy Me a Pony is on) was the first album I ever bought. I still listen to it occasionally as well.

  • Satellite for Entropy

    Can’t say I’m a fan, to be honest, but I think this song is better than their version of Black Betty.

  • dangerousmeredith

    Oh I remember this song now. It was played a lot wasn’t it? Actually, I didn’t mind Spiderbait’s rendition of Black Betty.

    I don’t listen to the radio much nowadays, and my TV antenna has been broken for years and years. So my knowledge of pop culture is pretty well nil.

  • Satellite for Entropy

    I probably spend a little too much time on the computer to really have a good grasp on modern pop culture – just as far as general music and tv is concerned – so most of my knowledge is pre-2000. Which makes me the uncool person at parties when everyone’s talking about some latest thing and I go “Remember how awesome Buffy was?”

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