30 Day Music Challenge: Day 18 – A Song I Wish I Heard On The Radio

Friendly – Some Kind Of Love Song

If I did listen to the radio, it’d be pretty much all of the songs in my library.

Since I don’t, I’ve decided to go in a similar vein to yesterday’s post, and picked Some Kind of Love Song by Friendly, a song that deserved to be played on the radio in its day (2000), but never was (as far as I know).

Friendly had quite a bit of radio exposure with several other singles, most notably a track called I Love You But…, which was decent drum n bass. It worked well as a novelty song, but the repetitiveness meant it got tired quickly.

I always preferred this, from the same release – Akimbo, which uses Sia (Furler’s) original a capella song Mad Love.




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