30 Day Music Challenge: Day 19 – A Song From My Favourite Album

The beauty of love is the courage it takes to break the evolving chain

I don’t have a favourite album, at least certainly not in the traditional sense of one album consistently favoured over all others – that sort of thing tends to be divided into myriad categories, sub-categories, situations, moods and genres. The reason I chose a track from Life On Earth by Tiny Vipers is quite simple, though.

2009 (its year of release) was the first time I was ever able to name a favourite album for the year. And I was able to do so unequivocally.

It’s an amazing body of work; one that I felt an immediate affinity with and loved from the first listen. I played it continually when I first bought it, and most of the time it wasn’t playing I could still hear it.

Outside is the last song on the album, and the one that got under my skin the most. There is so much space in it, the language is simple and there’s an air of constraint to both the music and emotion, and yet… The moment Jesy relates at the end, protracted and emphasised by the repetition of those two lines, followed me around for months. The heartbreak in that simple observation and the implications – the rippling effect that starts from a simple thought, to having the reality of that thought driven home  – is masterfully captured.



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