30 Day Music Challenge: Day 20 – A Song I Listen To When I’m Angry

Tool – Ticks and Leeches

Generally, I don’t find anger to be a productive thing to be absorbed in/by. I guess I could say that about a number of emotional states, but with other emotions, I can pick at and cannibalise them, and sometimes produce something (creatively) that might be worthwhile. When I’m really angry, it blankets almost everything and I’d rather shift out of that place as soon as possible. Listening to music does two things for me – it either maintains my focus on the emotion I want or need, or it helps me shift it away from something I don’t want to think or feel anymore.

That makes Ticks & Leeches almost the perfect song for me when I’m in that state because, aside from the catharsis in listening to something that is accusatory and furious, I think there’s a certain duality to where and how  it can be directed. That is, it can be extrospective or introspective. I need that because I find it essential to examine my reasons for being mad in the first place before I take it anywhere else, and most of the time I do that, anger isn’t the thing I want to bring to the table at all.

Also, I think it’s been well-documented that the drumming is insane and that Danny Carey may not be human.




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