March’s Swag – Free (& Legal) Music Downloads


This month swag - small, but sweet

I haven’t had a great deal of time to actively look for these this month, plus there were a few too good to wait for along the way, so new pickings are a little slim for this post. To make up for it there’s a couple of extra older downloads you may have missed out on that are more than worth your time and bandwidth. And to recap those previously mentioned, don’t forget about these:


Pillars And Tongues Live at 2640
Folk/Drone | 118MB – 320 kbps MP3
This makes the third free P&T download in the last few weeks – which is fine by me, I can’t get enough of these guys. It’s apparently a bootleg recording of a live show, offered in one 51:30 minute MP3 (or other formats available via Bandcamp). While I can’t really call a bootleg legal, I only know about it because P&T posted the link on their Facebook profile, thus at least condoning it if not outright supporting it¹. Therefore, I do too. Download it here.


Eels Trilogy EP
Rock/Folk | 24MB – 320 kbps MP3s
A sampler to celebrate the upcoming tour, containing one track each from the albums Hombre Lobo (Fresh Blood), End Times (A Line In The Dirt) and Tomorrow Morning (I Like The Way This Is Going). Good for anyone who has ever wondered if they’d dig the Eels but haven’t done anything about it before. Free in exchange for your email – download it here.


Snake Rattle Rattle Snake – March 4th (Daytrotter)
Rock/Post-Punk | 20MB – 128 kbps Mp3s
Great session from the female-fronted Denver band, slight pub rock feel mixed with post-punk – reminded me at times of The Cure, in their slightly rockier moments. Download it here.



My Brightest Diamond – Shark Demos
Folk/Rock/Chamber/Acoustic | 54MB – 320 kbps MP3s
Released initially as a bonus for those that pre-ordered A Thousand Shark’s Teeth, then made available to everyone just prior to Christmas 2009. 6 tracks in total of demos and outtakes, including an unreleased song called Music Box. Worth it just for the demo of one of my favourite MBD tracks, To Pluto’s Moon. Available via Asthmatic Kitty.


Mount Eerie – Seven New Songs of Mount Eerie
Lo-Fi/Rock | 34MB – 192 kbps MP3s
Originally released as a limited quantity CDr and sold during a 2004 Australian tour, now free  to all and a good way to introduce yourself to the awesomeness of Mount Eerie. Available from Internet Archive.


Natural Snow Buildings – The Centauri Agent
Folk/Psychedelic/Drone/Experimental | 193MB – 256 kbps MP3s
A double album released by community label Vulpiano Records, available in FLAC or Mp3 format. Usually, venturing into the weird and wonderful world of NSB isn’t all together easy, as official physical releases tend to be in rather small quantities, and it can be a little daunting owing to the sheer scope of some of them, but well worth it. Download it here.



1. This is, of course, based on the presumption that P&T members maintain that page. Happy to remove this link if the download is not sanctioned by the band.


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