30 Day Music Challenge: Day 21 – A Song I Listen To When I’m Happy

The Cure – The Lovecats

The Cure have never been the poster children for happiness, but  some of their best songs are the ones without all the melancholy. To me, this song is like those first few weeks of getting to know someone you’re completely enamoured with and thinking everything they do is gorgeous.

I don’t actually cue up specific songs to listen to when I’m happy, certainly not like I do when I’m in other moods. Happiness is pretty much the least self-absorbed emotion there is, the end result of which, for me anyway, is that I just whack my library on shuffle and listen to all the awesome music I have, regardless of mood or tone  – I just enjoy everything.

So… rather than this being a ‘damn I have to listen to that song‘ kinda thing, this is one song that matches my mood when I’m happy; everything in the world is just exquisite.




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