30 Day Music Challenge: Day 23 – A Song I Want To Play At My Wedding

Shearwater – Sing, Little Birdie

Hey, little birdie, catching my eye
Sing little sweet things into this mind
And tug at my darker side

Fly to the bed where we are confined
Combing the cancers out of our lives
And harness your song with mine
And whose tongue gave you life but mine

Me & marriage – now there’s an interesting thought; my knee-jerk reaction to that has always been pretty much haha, yeah right.

Sometimes I think that people who say ‘I’m not the marrying kind‘ – i.e. people like me – are those that have never been in enough love for that to be something they wanted with another person; but then there are all those people out there that have marriage as one of their “goals” yet have never been in love at all and I sure as hell have, so who knows.

What I do know is, the idea of being married to someone doesn’t make me feel as though love would be made any more sacred, and I’m not sure I ever want anything other than that making someone else feel like they have some kind of responsibility or obligation to uphold a union – even if it’s just a small part of their reasons.

Anyway, with or without marriage in the equation, this is almost the perfect song to me about union – of any kind – between two people.




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My thoughts are fish, all swimming about and prone to scattering swiftly. Some of them are pretty but not all of them are gold. Some have teeth; some travel in gangs and with a single school of thought; some are haphazard loners, darting about the place randomly and to no obvious purpose. But they're all slippery little suckers. Sometimes, I get lucky and find myself with a good grasp on one, long enough to remember what it looks like before releasing it back into the wild. View all posts by Satellite for Entropy

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