30 Day Music Challenge: Day 26 – A Song I Can Play On An Instrument

The harmonica is the only instrument I ever took lessons for. Pity I was young, dumb, and not paying enough attention. I can do the wailing whistle thing, and I can do the chug… Does it sound anywhere near as good as this guy?

The answer to that is a simple hell no. I used to walk around when I was 15 playing that little riff and thinking I was awesome. I wasn’t – I sucked and blowed in both senses of the words.

Anyway, that’s that. I can (half) play this song. Woot.

Oh, and when I was 14 I was staying with a friend who had a keyboard. I can play the keyboard a little, and I can kinda read music. I have to translate the notes – section by section – then learn them by heart, then practice long enough on the keyboard to play the song fluently. She had some sheet music, so I wound up spending a weekend teaching myself to play Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx. That was time well spent.

I can also play Greensleeves on the recorder and various nursery rhymes on either that or a keyboard. I’m all about diversity.




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