30 Day Music Challenge: Day 30 – A Favourite Song from This Time Last Year

Soap&Skin – Janitor of Lunacy

I really don’t have any idea what was my favourite song in April of 2010, but I know I bought Soap&Skin’s debut album at the very end of 2009, then found the untitled EP which features this song a couple of months later, and I played them both pretty obsessively. More importantly, I’ve wanted an excuse to post something about S&S for a while now, and this is as good as any.

I don’t know if the rumours of mental instability are played up for marketing purposes  or not (a lot of her promo shots, some of which are used in this fan vid, certainly lead me to believe so), none the less there’s something curious, fascinating and a little bit creepy about Anja Plaschg and her music. Her debut album (Lovetune for Vacuum) was released when she was 19, and there’s an element that is both disturbing and a little broken mixed in with the child-like innocence of it. Which pretty much just makes me adore it.

Although this is a cover, I think it’s been done very well. I quite like the original version (by Nico) as well, but I guess I have a little affinity with the extra edge in this version. Anja has made it a needful and demanding plea, yet keeps it in the realm of childish with the nursery rhyme-like melody – which I find to be a pretty powerful combo; children and psychotic desperation is an unsettling image.

So, that’s that as far as the 30 day challenge goes… Hopefully I managed to keep choices diverse, posts interesting to read, and maybe even facilitated a new musical discovery or two. I’ll be finishing this series off tomorrow by issuing a challenge of my own.




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