30 Day Music Challenge: A New Challenge

By the time I’d read to the end of the original list, nearly half my choices were already decided. I also found the more interesting ones to write were those that I had to put a little thought into, but I was never really challenged in the way I thought about my choices. The themes used (anger, sadness, happiness etc) were those which people tend to automatically soundtrack in some way, and other prompts similarly had pre-existing attachments. In short, they simply asked for things that I already associated with music; as do all the subsequent lists that attempt to improve  or expand on the original (i.e. a song from the first album you bought etc. Where’s the challenge in that?)

With that in mind, I decided to create a different list. I wanted to make the focus a bit more on challenging the way music is related to or interpreted, so there’s a couple here that are a little more involved than a simple song-a-day post. I didn’t want to make it too intensive  and feel like a drag to get through, though, so there’s a few easy ones thrown in for good measure – the rest of my ideas will have to wait for the “ultimate” challenge 😉 . I also scaled it back to 21, as I think three solid weeks if you’re doing daily posts is more than enough, and it’s just a darn nice number.

I’m not binding it with stringent rules. You can use all or just some of it, in any order, and posts don’t have to be once a day. You’re free to use artistic license when interpreting individual challenges, and those with multiple choice components are free choice; my suggestions are just that, suggestions. Basically, use the following as guidelines and have fun with where you go with it. At some point I’ll likely undertake it myself, probably at the rate of one a week. So, without further ado…

S4E’s 21 “Day” Music Challenge

  1. A song you don’t like but has lyrics you do
  2. A song you think would translate well to a book/movie/play/episode of Star Trek
  3. A song you would command your minions to sing to amuse you if you were an evil overlord (dance routine optional)
  4. A song that you would play to a child in the womb
  5. Two (or more) songs that would make a good medley
  6. A song that would work just as well if not better as an instrumental
  7. A song to play during the closing credits of a documentary about bizarre phobias
  8. A song that you would teach to a parrot so that it can entertain guests at dinner parties
  9. A song you would use as your entrance theme if you were a wrestler
  10. A song that you would take back in time and play for Beethoven/Elvis/Jim Morrison/Kurt Cobain/Other (Choose your own dead celebrity)
  11. A song you would use in a TV commercial for your favourite food
  12. A song you would play through a neighbour’s air vents in a bid to slowly drive them mad
  13. A song that you would ban amateur/wannabe musicians from ever attempting to sing or play
  14. A song that you would use to soundtrack riding a bicycle
  15. A song you wish would automatically play to cover up awkward silences
  16. A song you would play to your crops if you were a farmer
  17. A song you think a singer you don’t like would be able to sing well enough that you would like it
  18. An instrumental song, with its story or concept related in words/pictures/woodcarvings (preferably original)
  19. A song about something you wish you had experienced yourself
  20. A song you prefer to listen to when you’re alone
  21. A video clip from one song that would match a different song (practical element optional)

If anyone out there does use this list, it’d be neat if you dropped me a link so I can check it out. Also, bonus points will be issued to those who know which music video the images I’ve used  in this post come from.




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